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Friday,Sep 30, 2022
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First Master
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She looked through the mailbox outside her house and found that Adrian the librarian had sent her a letter along with the task items she had searched from the secret room and sent them back to her She couldn't see why the task item came so she threw it directly into her backpack and opened the letter In the letter Adrien outlined the contents of the quest items and identified the owner of these items as Ambrose the Magician The titles of the three frequently-read books were clearly "a Study of Necromancy" "The Magical Effects of Dark Plants" and "Potions and Spirits" The letters found in the box were private correspondence between the juice filling machine magician Ambrose and his wife and daughter during the Battle of the Seal and the Clash of Races As for the parchment it is the most important thing to prove that Ambrose did have something to do with the mysterious disappearance of Tide Town because it is full of his words of regret for seriously injuring his disciple Aldran and committing many evil crimes It is a "suicide note"!

Of course it's not quite right to say that it's a suicide note Ambrose didn't commit suicide He just drank a potion that could make him sleep forever which was equivalent to sealing himself up He did so because the necromancy he studied and mastered gradually eroded his mind After wounding and discovering his secret and stopping his Alderan Ambrose did not comm

It seems that after waking up Ambrose has indeed become a ruthless and evil existence and is too powerful to challenge! The night was in a trance for a while and continued to read seeing Adrian's postscript at the end of the letter saying that Ambrose was worried about being eroded by necromancy She would do terrible things so she asked her to report the whole thing to the Magician Association and let them come up with a solution This task as expected has a follow-up! The night suddenly gave birth to a very bad feeling worried that if we continue to do the task we will eventually be sent by the NPC to destroy the powerful necromancer This is not her imagination but it is very likely to happen but from an optimistic point of view even if such a task is received She should also have the right to choose when to finish or simply give up so as not to be confused about the task as before and become cannon fodder water filling machine Thought about it for a while She decided to go to the Magician Association first not because she was in a hurry to finish the task but because she was in a hurry to clear the task items out of her backpack otherwise it would take up her precious storage space which really made her feel cumbersome The Sorcerer's Guild is the easiest to find the tallest tower in the city of Isserdan but that's where players h

Langton opened his eyes wide and stared into the night "You say Ambrose the Magician is still alive in this world and has become a necromancer" "Yes these are the evidences I have searched for and I have seen him with my own eyes" The night quietly took out the task items and handed them over Langton obviously understood the words on the task items frowning and murmuring "I didn't expect that!"! I didn't expect that Ambrose the great magician liquid bottle filling machine could also go down the path of evil! The matter was obviously extremely difficult for Langton who kept pulling out several of his beards before looking into the night and solemnly saying "Young wizard on behalf of the Magicians'Association I thank you for bringing us this important news but this evidence can only prove that Ambrose once studied necromancy and drank the eternal sleeping potion" As for whether he really woke up and wounded the frost dragon I will send someone to investigate again

If the situation is true maybe there is something you need to help I don't know if you would like to If you don't want to is this the end of the task Anyway there was no task for her at present and it didn't matter if she promised to come down first The night lowered its eyes and said "I'd like to serve you" With a smile of relief on his face Langton immediately raised his staff and said "You are the pride of all our magicians" As soon as his voice fell a bright light fell on the body of the night and quickly merged into her body and then the night heard the system prompt Congratulations on growing to level 50 and gaining a skill upgrade point At present you rank first in the ranking list and you will be rewarded with a treasure box "Congratulations you have won the reputation reward of 1000 points in the Sorcerer's Guild" …… What is this a mission reward After the night was slightly stunned he smiled bitterly in his heart