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Friday,Sep 30, 2022
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Our News
A good taste in a foreign land
Posted:Aug 11, 2022        Views:13        Back to List
"Don't don't" Zhang Yu you can't hurt me like this! Dumbledore's face suddenly changed He waved his hand and refused "Zhang Yu I don't want to be a noisy God" This kind of God it is too shameful Besides I Dumbledore have never liked to talk Have I ever been a noisy person Shit! Why do you have the nerve to say that you never like to talk If you are a person who doesn't like to talk Aren't all the other people dumb Zhang Yu gave him a helpless white look and then said "Since you do not want to then you give me shut up" If I hear your chattering again don't blame me for shaping you into a God of noise Hey Blowing Filling Capping combiblock hey Don't tell me Dumbledore the God of noise that's a good name for you But I don't think the name suits me at all

All right all right Zhang Yu I give up Is it all right for me to shut up and stop talking You are such an abominable fellow and you are really a strongman Although Dumbledore was unwilling he had to keep his mouth shut However this did not prevent Dumbledore from scolding Zhang Yu in his heart Without Dumbledore's noisy entanglement Zhang Yu strode to the middle of the kitchen But then Zhang Yu's action is to let all the people can not help but be surprised Zhang Yu picked up the kitchen knife in o

Then he said "Finally it's done" You got it What do you mean Could it be said that cooking this pot of bird's nest and lotus seed soup is what Zhang Yu called the preparation work for creating gods This Isn't that incredible Look at me big guy When I look at you I end up looking at Dumbledore Look at their posture Blowing Filling Capping combiblock it is clear that they want Dumbledore to ask Zhang Yu a question But Dumbledore who had suffered losses did not want to be the first bird in any case Altbird's nest and lotus seed soup Is it difficult What else does God-making have to do with this pot of bird's nest and lotus seed soup Zhang Yu dared to scowl at Dumbledore but he dared not be presumptuous in front of Lady Elu After all Lady Elu is his mother Zhang Yu is not a good man but at least he has a filial piety Mom You're right This pot of bird's nest and lotus seed soup really has a lot to do with the creation of gods Zhang Yu laughed with him "By cooking bird's nest and lotus seed soup I put the power of the universe into these ingredients" he said to Mrs Elu

That is to say no matter who as long as you eat this pot of delicious food Then the power of the universe contained in this bird's nest and lotus seed soup will enter their bodies transform their bodies and make them leap from ordinary people to gods! As water bottling line the saying goes one thing falls into one thing Although Zhang Yu was able to subdue others he could only smile obediently in front of Mrs Elu So that's it That is to say as long as you eat this pot of bird's nest and lotus seed soup you can become a God right Mrs Elu smacked her mouth and said with some embarrassment "It's a good thing yes but …" Is it too embarrassing to eat such a big pot of bird's nest and lotus seed soup to become a God I may still be able to finish eating but the foxes and their little girls don't have such a big appetite do they

With a crash Zhang Yu fell to the ground and did not get up for a long time Old Niang you misunderstood It doesn't mean that you have to eat this big pot of bird's nest and lotus seed soup to become a God It was not easy for Zhang Yu to get up from the ground With an embarrassed wry smile on his face he said "Just eat a small bowl Just eat a small bowl You don't need to eat a big pot" "Oh so that's it" Lady Elu nodded and said "If you don't make it clear I think the key to becoming a God is to have a big appetite" The beast God Enosg and other four gods almost choked to death when they heard Lady Elu's words Especially the hunting goddess Ellind hurriedly waved her hand and defended herself "Lady Elu you must not misunderstand" The appetite of our gods is no different from that of ordinary people It is even much smaller than the appetite of ordinary people For example me Although Ellinde was eloquent in defending her appetite But it was clear that no one here was interested in her appetite Everyone's eyes were fixed on a pot of bird's nest and lotus seed soup on the table