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Friday,Sep 30, 2022
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Happy thief
Posted:Aug 11, 2022        Views:15        Back to List
"Damn this thing given by Blacksmith Wang is really useful" Purple Dragon was ecstatic and touched the transmission ring on his hand " Fatty where are you The purple dragon turned on the intercom Liu Yu and I are still practicing in the centipede cave There are so many people here "It didn't take long for the fat man to reply" You come back to the city first I have equipment for you I wait for you in the old place "Purple Dragon said and turned off the intercom" "Bang!" The door of the hotel was kicked open by the fat man "Boss what equipment did you hit again" The fat man rushed to the purple dragon like the wind holding plastic bottle making machine the purple dragon's hands trembling a little " I didn't see it either Anyway it's a lot You can deal with it yourself "After that the purple dragon will take the equipment out" Wait go come with me to the auction house there is a warehouse "the fat man hurriedly took the purple dragon was about to pull out the equipment of the hand" They went out of the door of the hotel and came to the auction house Pangpang Auction House is quite grand "Zilong looked at the gilded characters on the auction house" All right come in quickly I don't have any hair now If you don't get the equipment

I will close the door "The fat man pulled the purple dragon standing at the door in" Why didn't you see Liu Yuhe "Zilong looked at the fat man" The two men said they wanted to catch up with you and were practicing "The fat man's eyes did not leave the purple dragon's hand when he spoke" Did you upgrade " "Up just to level 29" "What" Level 29 The fat man immediately opened the ranking list 1st Name Hidden Class Rogue Level 29 Second Name Hidden Professional Warrior Level 22 Third Name Ruthless Sword Class Rogue Level 22 4th Name Hidden Professional Hunter Level 21 Fifth Name Yanlong Unparalleled Profession Mage Level 21 Sixth Name Piaoling Yiye Professional Taoist Level 21 Seventh Name Ruthless Water Class Mage Level 21 No8 Name Broken Stream Profession Priest Level 20 Ninth Name Ruthless Knife Professional Warrior Level 20 No10 Name Wandering One Professional Warrior Level 20 "Damn you are so awesome" on the ground and tidied it up in a hurry"

All right you clean up slowly I'll go first PET bottle Mold "Then the purple dragon touched the transmission ring silently read three black wind valleys in his heart and the man disappeared in front of the fat man" Long Ge where are you Depend on I will open the auction in a week then you remember to come around "The fat man looked up and saw that he had already lost the figure of the purple dragon" Back in the Black Wind Valley the Purple Dragon took out the map and looked at it "After the Black Wind Valley and then through the swamp ahead we will reach the Firas Plateau" The Purple Dragon looked at the coordinates and put away the sheepskin scrd I don't know much about the equipment"

"Eh" What is this A small yellow flower at the foot of the purple dragon caught his attention The small yellow flower was like a round plate without a single petal so he used the collection technique on the small yellow flower Collection failed "the system is not to give the face of the issued a prompt" Perform the collection again and fail again Repeated after more than 20 attempts the system finally issued a collection of successful PET blow moulding machine tips "Congratulations to the player Zilong to collect yellow flowers and plants" What is the evergreen yellow grass The purple dragon took the yellow flowers and plants in his hand and looked at their attributes Ten thousand years of yellow flowers and plants smelting weapons of the best materials after adding can increase the flame attributes of weapons and increase the success rate of a certain probability Haha this is a good thing and so on to find the soul of the king of fierce inflammation to throw it into the refining "Seeing the attributes of yellow flowers and plants purple dragon laughed happily he did not think that it was the yellow flowers and plants that made him find the soul of the king of fierce inflammation ahead of time"

After collecting the yellow flowers and plants Zilong hurriedly opened the herbal medicine and many small yellow dots appeared on the map each of which represented a herb In the past I only knew how to practice levels Today I will practice collecting and alchemy first and then go to the swamp after a while "Purple Dragon looked at the herbs on the ground and wanted to upgrade alchemy to a higher level as soon as possible so as to make tiger bone pills" The first volume of the game life chapter 20 the journey of Firas 3 the country's best TXT novel download site http//wwwluo8com hundreds of thousands of fine novels free download