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Friday,Sep 30, 2022
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The Phantom of the Other World
Posted:Aug 11, 2022        Views:11        Back to List
Several overlords looked at each other and a man finally stood out Yi Feng knows him as the third overlord of Sin City the mad king whose strength has reached the peak of the fourth order and is also sprinting to the realm of the fifth order His hands are stained with countless blood and what he is best at is to break the tendons of other people's hands and feet and then kill them one by one Lord this has been the case in Sin City for hundreds of years and with countless people with blood on their hands pouring into Sin City every year it is almost impossible to stop the killing and violence If the Lord doesn't believe it you can bottle blowing machine take the news out now Even if the Lord of the city suppresses I can guarantee that the whole city of sin will be completely rioted In Sin City killing corruption and so on are already their drugs if you want to eliminate these it is tantamount to their lives! The Mad King looked straight at Yi Feng without any sign of weakness No one knows the situation in Sin City better than they do Some people have to drink blood every day to survive If Yi Feng wants to stop it the whole Sin City will fall into riots They don't care how strong you are I know all that! Sit down all of you!

Yi Feng said to the nine black kings Black king nine people including Ziyin and Li You looked want to change why do you insist on changing the name of Sin City to Jingxin City Yi Feng took out a map from the ring and spread it on the table They looked at the map and recognized it as the city map of Sin City They looked at Yi Feng more strangely Yi Feng took out a pen and drew a random outline on the map One third of the area of the whole city map was outlined and most of the places outlined were concentrated in the former Tiger King Dongcheng District Then there are the remoteness and desolation of various urban areas Yi Feng looked at everyone doubtfully loohe City of Aesthetics so I want the future Jingxin City to be called the City of Aesthetics as well!

Yi Feng's small voice but let Ziyin and Li You suddenly they also finally understand Yi Feng's plan PET blowing machine Yi Feng has long known that can not change the nature of these people he can only do is to control In this way all the people who can't control it can enter the city of sin and the land of killing Yi Feng only narrowed the area of their activities but did not change their humanity Although this makes them feel dissatisfied because of the small area they can still accept it If you can't control yourself you can enter the killing place and the city of sin but as long as you appear in the city of Jingxin I don't care who you are then give me the dark mind if you can't restrain yourself stay in the city of sin and the killing place Otherwise kill without mercy! Faint voice let everyone's heart suddenly a tight One by one looking at Yi Feng the bottom of my heart also understand Yi Feng's determination The Black King and others looked at each other and had to admit that Yi Feng's method was a good one After all there is room for the people of Sin City and their resistance will be less Although one third of the city is much smaller than before this is the limit that Yi Feng can draw

A city contains a city of killing and a city of beauty two great contrasts so that people have to admire the boldness of Yi Feng Is there any objection Yi Feng's question and answer Nine overlords looked at each other after all did not speak even if they have objections look at the appearance of Yi Feng will never let them mention What's more they already have a place to live Although it's a little crowded they can barely accept it Who calls them liquid bottle filling machine strong Since there is no objection you can g against it but if someone dares to challenge the rules laid down Then don't blame me for killing without mercy! "Yes!"! Lord of the city! Whether they are unwilling or for whatever reason they finally agreed to come down

There is still a small outbreak today but the time may be updated later Please thrThere is some fire in Yifeng In the hot gaze Liu Mengran still felt that his face was a little hot He gave Yi Feng a white look and shouted "Young master!" Yi Feng smiled looking at the woman in front of her like rose petals blooming the bottom of my heart is also slightly comforted everything for her is worth it from the last meeting has been half a month According to Yi Feng's command the Black King and others moved all the people to the city of sin and the land of killing Although there are still some people left in Jingxin City there are fewer people than in Sin City and the Land of Killing