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Friday,Sep 30, 2022
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The way of the six babies
Posted:Aug 11, 2022        Views:9        Back to List
After listening to his wife Xiao Quangui stared at the old man in white again Obviously he did not give up and hoped to get some help from the old man But he saw the old man staring at Jiang Ming During this period he also noticed many times that the old man had been staring at Jiang Ming As a hard-working businessman in a shopping mall he immediately noticed the difference There is a strange feeling in my heart a feeling that I can't explain clearly But he knew that what gave him this feeling was the way the old man looked at Jiang Ming It is a gradual change from doubt to worship Is it difficult for Jiang Ming to have a place that can be envied by immortals Looking left and right I found that Jiang Ming was not a person born in the countryside except for his temperament There was no other result not to mention that he had heard Xiao Na mention Jiang Ming According to Xiao Na's meaning Jiang Ming is absolutely impossible to have such temperament Combined with the old man's eyes an Vegetable oil filling machine idea that even he himself thought was absurd was born in his head-could it be that Jiang Ming was the superior in the old man's mouth Thinking of this Xiao Quangui could hardly believe that this was his own idea

But the old man's eyes had to make him suspicious So he had a little hope for Jiang Ming Alt
The meridians are indeed very tough and broad and there is no blockage at all As far as the constitution is concerned it is better than the old man in white who has practiced for decades behind him Jiang Ming's heart is very strange look at this meridian it seems to be strengthened by practice But she could not find a trace of truth in her body even if it was the fluctuation of spiritual power Edible oil filling machine When Jiang Ming picked up Xiao Na's hand everyone reacted The old man and Xiao Quangui were expectant and excited Others frowned How can you touch a girl casually But seeing that Xiao Quangui did not object he could only suppress it Jiang mother is the master pin his hopes on a boy Jiang Ming just shook his head and said "Wait" Jiang Ming tried to touch and feel the two silver balls with the divine weaving Inside the former ball it was Xiao Na's weak primordial spirit which is what mortals call the soul Jiang Ming also recognized it from the familiar breath Obviously Shawna's sleep is due to this reason

Jiang Ming found that the power wrapped around this weak primordial spirit was exactly the same as the energy on another silver ball and what it formed was actually a small ban With Jiang Ming's present strength it is easy to break this ban An idea formed in his mind is it Jiang Ming is not in a hurry to break the ban but to explore the God weaving to another slightly larger ball It's you Jiang Ming exclaimed this small ball inside is not someone else it is Jiang Ming just came to the front of the villa feel that a trace of the master of God weaving a demon Now Jiang Ming finally knows why Xiao Na had a red scorpion-shaped CSD filling line mark on her face when she was a child The real man spares his life A beautiful female voice communicated with Jiang Ming's divine weaving With Jiang Ming's present strength he can easily touch this trace of primordial spirit from the world The slightly larger ball completely let go of the defense Obviously he knew that with his own strength no matter how to resist it would not have the slightest effect It is better to give up all resistance and express their intention to submit hoping to escape the disaster of killing Completely stretched out the primordial spirit of the demon showed its original face a silver-white wedge Jiang Ming was shocked and he thought of the scorpion mark on Xiao Na's face The scorpion has been attached to Shawna's body all the time

No wonder Shawna's meridians are so tough and broad Say why is it a disaster for mortals Jiang Ming obviously has no experience in interrogating prisoners The little scorpion dares not and the real man spares his life "The silver scorpion was in a hurry for fear that it would be touched carelessly" Then why have you been living in this human body What is the purpose of sealing its weak primordial spirit "The real man knows clearly that although the little scorpion is a monster it has never done anything harmful to mortals" the silver scorpion said hurriedly "To tell you the truth I am guarding my master" "Master do you mean to say that this human is your master" Jiang Ming questioned